Here's How by William Campbell

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7 Things to Do in a Week

Seven Things to Do in a Week

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Not all problems can be fixed quickly, but some can. Here are seven things from Here’s How that Ireland could do in seven days.

  1. Change prison food and reduce criminal reoffending rates by a quarter (page 239)

  2. Require publicans to serve the full pint that customers pay for (page 63)

  3. Start eliminating toxic waste from batteries, litter from ATM receipts and other pollution by changing incentives to pollute into incentives to recycle (page 152)

  4. Speed up the broadband roll-out by penalising rather than rewarding Eircom for failure (page 99)

  5. Use social pressure to encourage people to sort their recyclables correctly (page 155)

  6. Make switching bank accounts easy by getting a new financial regulator to implement the proposals to encourage competition (page 64)

  7. Stop the drain of €500m per year from the taxpayers' pockets caused by cigarette smuggling (page 220)