Here's How by William Campbell

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Reviews of the Book

Praise for Here's How by William Campbell

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Over 260 pages William Campbell tackles hundreds of different problems - some of them niggling, others monumental. Cumulatively, the book is a substantial work and must have taken months of research and writing. Campbell is an entrepreneur who claims no particular expertise in any of the many policy areas he covers but overall the book suggests that the author has an intelligent, sophisticated and innovative mind. One of the other strengths of this book is that instead of wallowing in analysis about what went wrong and who is to blame it focuses on solutions.
Noel Whelan in Village magazine
Barrister, author and political pundit

This book is a cracker!
Eddie Hobbs
Personal Finance journalist

William Campbell takes a very intelligent, exhaustive and thought-provoking look at many issues currently facing Irish society and he is not afraid to suggest solutions, some radical, and some just plain common sense. His treatment of many of the issues will please some and displease others, but should interest everybody. This book is a strong addition to the recent debate on Ireland and what the country must do to create a better future for its citizens. As such it is eminently worthy of our attention and particularly the attention of policy makers and those who shape Irish society. Campbell is not afraid to stick his neck out and this is a trait that should always be encouraged, lauded and rewarded. Well done to the author!
Jim Power
Chief Economist Friends First Group, and author of Picking up the Pieces

I was very impressed with Here’s How. It’s clearly the product of not just a very great deal of research but also of intelligent application of the research, and of original and clear thinking. Full of good ideas and smart solutions to many of our problems. It’s also, by the way, extremely well written.
Pat Leahy
Political Correspondent, Sunday Business Post

Here’s How is not written by an academic or a an economics media pundit, and this is where its strengths are. At a time when books about the Celtic Tiger collapse are flying off the printing presses, Campbell’s book offers a pragmatic, business-minded analysis of the past and an encouragingly diverse set of policies that can take us into a better future. No ‘professional’ economics commentator in Ireland has come this close to actually producing a functional map for getting us out of this mess.
Dr Constantin Gurdgiev
Economist, Trinity College, Dublin

Campbell delights in being contrarian, in exposing the factual basis (or lack of it) underlying policies and institutions in this unfortunate country, and has an instinctive distrust of what passes for conventional wisdom, but is in reality a lazy acceptance of self-interested promotion of vested interests.

I don't agree with all his conclusions, but I love the questions he asks, and his approach to finding answers to them, and the annoyance these answers will give... because it's only when you question aggressively what passes for policy and the status quo that you can hope to flush out self-interest masquerading as concern for the public good.
Moore McDowell
Economist, University College Dublin

Here's How is both provocative and challenging - packed with ideas for how to transform Ireland to meet the challenges ahead. It concentrates on the need for reform at all levels on how the State operates and is a thumping good read.
Ciarán Cuffe
Minister of State with special responsibility for Sustainable Transport, Horticulture, Planning and Heritage